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The key to your home

« In a hurry to know our place », a quest is created.

« Finding one’s place » is a search; it is « going out to discover oneself and others ». This search involves different factors, it can be symbolic, psychological or physiological. Finding one’s place, finding one’s place, one’s place. The heart is the home of the being and yet a practical as well as symbolic anchoring is necessary.

In our Western society, residential stability is one of the most important norms, as Yankel FIJALKOW reminds us. In the Sociology of housing, the author introduces the question of the role of housing in our social and psychological construction; indeed the concept of home translates a social and spatial state: « To be without family and without housing is thus to be without attachment, without assignment, without descent and finally without morals ». Who are we in society to move from place to place ?

To appropriate a place, to find one’s place, is to define oneself, to possess oneself; to fix one’s imprint, to find oneself. The key is the literal object of the possession of a place. It is also a symbol of power of action and the role we decide to give it.

« The key to your home » is a photographic series of 5 apartments, 5 lives borrowed, inhabited for a few hours, days, weeks by Circe.