Delphine Dabadie

The Insolent

Our place is moving, it is constantly metamorphosing, as events, emotional relationships and bonds of dependence or freedom change. Yesterday I was here, today I’m not, I’ve been displaced. Our old places are empty and become places of memories. Places of reflection, of revenge, of reappropriation, of reconciliation, with others, with oneself. These places are inhabited by hopes, haunted by ghosts. We sometimes try to make them disappear, we hide them, we cover them with fabric or paint, we tear them off.

In this series, I wanted to explore these places and the question I asked myself :

Is this place still mine, or that of someone I am no longer ?

The Insolent are those who dare to leave their place, to abandon it to memories.

But who are those who dare to change ?

Could it be you ?

No, it’s me.

It is us.

We can seem quite insolent not to want to stay in our place, not to know how to be satisfied with it. Perhaps we are in fact in the in-between, between two worlds, between two times, between two ways of being oneself.

Between two places.