Mary, a religious icon more than precious in Western art, is here diverted with a Polaroid emulsion. A delicate film ready to tear of a sinful nude covers Mary’s raw and protruding body.

In the history of art Mary is the new Eve preserved from the mark of sin. She is represented as beautiful, pure, delicate. Here Mary is a fragile yet raw plaster sculpture; ready to disintegrate, she is not immortal. The fragility of the polaroid emulsion tears at the rhythm of the hollows and marks of the Virgin Mary. Mary is a strong, impassive woman who does not let herself be covered by the simple sexualization of her body.

« Mary-Madeleine »

« Mary-Lou »

« Mary-Louise »


« Alt Polaroid »

Alt polaroid is a series entirely realized with polaroid SX 70, retouched manually with gouache and using different tools and techniques. The goal of this creative process is to have a raw and spontaneous rendering by creating the entire work with my polaroid and the paint of my hand.

This suite of self-portraits depicts part of my battle with cancer that I have faced twice and beaten. It also evokes my recovery as well as the invisible and indelible marks that it left me.

The vision I have of myself and my relationship with others have been altered after these events and these polaroids represent this new perception on which I prefer to put images rather than words.

« Burning Man »

« The fall »

« The search for healing n°2 »

« The search for healing n°4 »

« Atler Ego »

« An exit door »