Maxime Duban

Maxime Duban was born in 1996 in Charente Maritime.

He obtained a degree in communication in 2018 during which he studied art history, and more specifically digital arts. This license has largely sensitized him to art and its subtleties.

This is how he became a master of audiovisual in order to refine his knowledge in the field of photography and video.

In his creative process, Maxime likes to experiment and push to the limit some effects to give a different reading of his photographs. Post-production and retouching are essential for him, « I sometimes use it without restraint, going to the point of making a scene surreal ».

The artist has an artistic approach very much linked to his spirituality. His works are like the pages of a diary in which he calls upon his unconscious.

« I try to express my feelings in the moment with regard to the future and the past. I try to understand the design of life and its paradoxes, to understand the nature of being, and the rules that bind us to time and space ».

Through his photographs, his will is to make the audience feel, an emotion, a reflection, an escape, a questioning. In Maxime’s opinion, « art questions already established things, shakes things up and allows us to think outside the box ».