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Robin Ansart, Agathe Calmanovic-Plescoff, Julie Bayer, Circé, Delphine Dabadie, Morgane Kieffer and Kankou Sambakessi

Opening on Wednesday June 08, 2022
from 2pm to 10pm

Exhibition from June 08 to June 12, 2022

The Eyes Will See Gallery is pleased to present its first group exhibition « Trouver Sa Place ». The Artists of the Gallery will accompany you in an immersive journey. This exhibition takes an enigmatic look at being, one’s condition, family relationships and memory.

How to find one’s place in a world in eternal mutation ?

It is on this question that the Little Prince of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry leaves his planet, in search of a meaning to give to his life and « I believe that he took advantage of a migration of wild birds for his escape ».

What is the meaning of our life ? How can we give it meaning ?
In this world that goes too fast, we are in a hurry to understand our place. And we sometimes get lost in our own contradictions.
But isn’t finding one’s place first a quest that is done slowly ?

We must have the courage to discover ourselves and others. Yet we tend to stay in our « comfort zone » because it is easier than taking risks. It is necessary, in spite of our fears, to take advantage of the time we have on Earth to live various experiences in order to discover ourselves.

This quest for self is slow in a world in perpetual motion. It is inconceivable to seek it in passivity and inertia. The path will be marked by obstacles to overcome, because finding one’s place can only be achieved through a form of violence.

To find one’s place among the whole, among the others, but above all to find oneself is to perceive what surrounds us, to meet and accept the others. Our quest for meaning is not exempt from that of others, we perceive ourselves through others and it is they who help us to better apprehend the world and find answers. Thus, the discovery of oneself allows an opening towards the others.
In this exhibition, each artist invites you into his or her interrogations and allows you in turn to question yourself about « finding your place » in our society.
Do we still have time to take our time ?

— Delphine Dabadie

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Robin Ansart

Agathe Calmanavic-Plescoff

Julie Bayer


Delphine Dabadie

Morgane Kieffer

Kankou Sambakessi

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