Julie Bayer


Lowering my eyes, escaping from the world that will nevertheless remain present, real.

I lower my eyes and suddenly my body appears, as if it did not exist before this gesture. It reappears in different ways. Does it represent, express something about me? No. But obviously, it hits me. This fleeing look comforts itself with the inhabitant. Fleeing, it comforts itself with the inhabited who however, does not have any more idea of what it is. The fickle gaze in question continues to be transported, mistreated, until the next stage, which will lead to that of a hoped-for maturity. My truth is that the latter is continually struck by obsolescence, so finding its place remains a timeless theme.

This photographic series is a kind of wandering through the different projections of oneself in the quest to find one’s place.

The place can be taken, vacant, questioned, feared. These images translate the shaping of a place, that of the quest for oneself in a crowded world. The self takes on sometimes spectral, sometimes concrete forms whose importance in these representations lies in the path, the chronology and therefore the place that is attributed in the end by none other than oneself. To find one’s place means, first of all, to find oneself, and consequently it is necessary to seek, to lower the eyes.

Here are the different forms that I was able to find of myself during this process.