03 2022 EDITION 93 NB min
01 2020 ARG BASILIQUE LOUVRE 14 min scaled
03 2022 EDITION 93 NB11 min
03 2022 EDITION 93 COULEUR min
03 2022 ARG SAINT DENIS 36 copie min scaled
03 2022 EDITION 93 COULEUR11 min

­Morgane Kieffer


I am moving to Saint-Denis in September 2019. I am confined there 6 months later. It is at this time that I begin to be interested in its desolate urban landscapes, at the time of wandering walks.

Saint Denis and its dystopian atmosphere, in which I cannot help but find a certain melancholy. Coming from a rural environment, I have long sought my place in this city. To observe, to contemplate and to look for beauty where others would not see it, this is perhaps my place. Between the housing estates, the migrant camps and the banks of the Seine, many passers-by have asked me what I could possibly find interesting to photograph here. However, wherever I go, there is always a composition, a light, a color, that awakens an emotion in me.

Photographs Saint-Denis and surroundings, 2019-2022.